Increase Conversion and Sales

with a sophisticated, easy-to-use experimentation tool


Experiment with Targeted Promotions

IntelliGems makes it easy to run experiments on promotions by sending targeted offers to your users or promoting content on your landing page.

Try and Test New Content

IntelliGems enables trying out new images and descriptions, measuring conversion to recommend the content that works best for you.


Get Better Results Faster

We help with statistical analysis you don’t have to, using statistical methods to measure confidence intervals on low volumes of data and providing certainty around results in real-time.

Explore the Data

Easily explore the data in the IntelliGems dashboard, or even export to your database so you can analyze it using your own tools. It's your data!


Easily Integrate

Simply integrate with Shopify or Wix or on your own using the IntelliGems SDK or API. Turn it on and you’re ready to go.