Test Anything, Anywhere

with IntelliGems' full-stack, customizable testing solution

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Just Two Functions

Call the /getExperiments API at any point in your code to create an option to test

Post to the  /trackEvents API to monitor any outcome metrics you would like

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Create Tests Easily

A web dashboard allows anyone from your team to create, configure, or update a test

Tests can also be created programmatically via the /configure  API

Segment Audiences

Control which users will get filtered into and out of tests

IntelliGems integrates with your customer data platform (CDP) 

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Test Multiple Hypotheses

Make unlimited variations, and send unique json payloads to each group

IntelliGems can trigger actions in your stack, i.e. sending a specific email template

Centrally Track Results

A customizable dashboard synthesizes results from current and past tests, and alerts you when a test has reached statistical significance

Full raw data can be accessed via API

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