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Introducing IntelliGems!

We’re excited, honored, and a bit nervous to introduce you to the newest member of our family: IntelliGems. The amount of support and encouragement that we’ve received over the past few weeks has been incredible -- THANK YOU. Unlike the archetypical “everyone thought our idea was stupid” startup story, we’ve been showered with love and support and am so grateful for it.

Who We Are

We, Adam Kitain and Drew Marconi, are friends, colleagues, camping partners, and most recently co-founders of IntelliGems.

We previously worked together at Via Transportation, a NY-based ride sharing and transit-tech company. We built and executed Via’s dynamic pricing algorithms and strategy, as well as robust AB testing capabilities used for growth experiments. Over time, AB testing and dynamic pricing enabled us to optimize revenues while balancing user retention and growth, effectively doubling customer lifetime value.

How We Got Here

We knew these capabilities were important for other industries and were never able to find a tool to our liking. That’s when IntelliGems was born.

IntelliGems enables developers and data scientists to easily implement and analyze AB tests, focused on pricing and monetization. With IntelliGems you can configure your store in a web interface, like Shopify. Then you can run optimizations on price, promotions, bundles, and other configurations powered by AB tests and results-driven algorithms.

And... We're Off!

We’ve officially started - we’re refining our go-to-market and product strategy by speaking with as many people as we possibly can. We’re starting with gaming because of its massive market and conduciveness for algorithmic optimization. We’re open to lots of ideas, and eager to hear from you.

Thank you again to all our friends and family - we’re so grateful for your support.

Let the games begin!

Adam Kitain & Drew Marconi

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