Content Testing



A/B test anything on your Shopify store

A/B test anything on your Shopify store

Intelligems can run A/B tests for website imagery and copy, landing pages, Shopify themes, UX, and more, all at an affordable price. With the recent sunset of Google Optimize, now is the time to find an alternative.



Content Replacements

Use the Intelligems visual content editor to test edits to any text copy, images, HTML, or CSS on your Shopify store.


Redirect between versions of a page to see which resonates best with customers. Test as many pages as you want!

Perfect for optimizing your landing pages.




Theme Testing

Split test specific templates or whole Shopify themes, sending some visitors to your existing live theme, and others to a new version.

Before launching a theme redesign, A/B test the change to measure impact on conversion, revenue, and profit per visitor!

Javascript API

Developers can use the Intelligems API to create powerful custom tests.

Test anything on your store, including custom experiences, UI components, and redesigns using our Javascript API.


Track test performance down to revenue and profit per visitor with Intelligems' robust analytics — no report-building necessary.

What our customers are saying

In short, and I don't say this lightly -- Intelligems has been a game changer for improving our business!

Google Optimize was a decent solution for front-end and content optimization, but with the upcoming sunset we've been in search of a tool that combines ease of function with affordability; price and theme testing was manual and annoying.

Intelligems is a truly comprehensive suite of testing tools that makes optimizing nearly any part of our ecommerce experience a breeze. I've been delighted by the core functionality as well as the responsiveness of the team. This is the rare ecommerce SaaS tool that will measurably pay for itself in short order, and I recommend Intelligems to every ecommerce operator serious about conversion and margin optimization (i.e all of us)!