How Beards & Daisies increased revenue per visitor by 10% with Intelligems

How Beards & Daisies increased revenue per visitor by 10% with Intelligems

How Beards & Daisies increased revenue per visitor by 10% with Intelligems

Learn how Beards & Daisies used price and content testing to re-evaluate their brand positioning in entirely new ways











Beards & Daisies’ staff are passionate about plants — and sharing that joy with their community. Since 2015, Beards & Daisies has sold premium indoor plants to brighten people’s homes. The UK based retailer is known for high quality house plants and their unique packaging that gently transports live plants through the postal system. 


Beards & Daisies wanted to experiment more and discover new ways to drive profit

During the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, people were putting extra care into their living spaces. For Beards & Daisies, that translated into unexpected growth — and Joy Young, E-Commerce Manager, wanted to make the most of it.

Joy had done basic A/B testing with Google Optimize. When the tool sunsetted, she saw an opportunity to seek out a replacement that would let her do more and take Beards & Daisies’ experimentation further. She particularly wanted the ability to test prices as well as content. 

Beards & Daisies had always positioned itself as a premium option with a slightly higher price point. Joy was curious to see what would happen if they experimented with that model. Could Beards & Daisies slightly reduce prices to match competitors but grow overall profits?

“Intelligems was the only tool we found that offered both price and content testing. We’re able to test much more than we could with Google Optimize.”


With Intelligems, Beards & Daisies runs all price and content tests from one easy platform

Today, Joy uses Intelligems to run a wide range of price and content tests, discovering new ways to increase the profitability of every site visitor. 

First, Joy tested her initial hypothesis around lowering prices. She adjusted the cost of Beards & Daisies’ popular Peach Anthurium to match competitors — and saw 8.25% higher profit per visitor for the lower-priced option Since then, she’s used Intelligems price testing to compare round prices against those ending in .99 or .95. She’s also experimented with shipping rates to find her customers’ sweet spot. 

Intelligems made it easy for Joy to test-drive both small and large changes to site content. For example, she experimented with displaying discount badges in different spots on each product page. And with Intelligems’ intuitive, all-in-one platform, she could run more complex experiments, like trialing new Shopify themes and a wishlist functionality before doing a full-scale rollout.

For Beards & Daisies, constant experimentation has opened the door to a new way of working. Now, the team brainstorms strategies and tests them immediately to ground every decision in data.

“For us, knowledge is power. I love how quickly we get data and learnings from Intelligems — it’s changed the way our business works.” 


By embracing experimentation, Beards & Daisies is driving more revenue and conversions

Since adopting Intelligems, Beards & Daisies is getting to know customers in ways that weren’t possible with Google Optimize. They have the data to delight plant lovers while driving the profit they need to grow.

  • 10% higher revenue per visitor

  • 5% higher overall conversion rate

  • Price test result

“We’re keen to see what the next stages of growth will be for Intelligems,” Joy says. Moving forward, she can’t wait to run even more kinds of tests as Intelligems keeps expanding the platform’s functionality.

“Intelligems feels limitless in terms of functionality. After meetings, we can immediately test out ideas and hypotheses. That’s been really helpful for stakeholders when making key business decisions.” 

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