How Dossier used Intelligems to increase profit per visitor 7.4% sitewide

How Dossier used Intelligems to increase profit per visitor 7.4% sitewide

How Dossier used Intelligems to increase profit per visitor 7.4% sitewide

Dossier took profits to the next level by getting to know their customers — not just their competition.











Dossier was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to premium perfumes at fair prices. Their fragrances are made in Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world, to the highest quality, sustainability, and transparency standards. Dossier first drew attention for scents inspired by popular luxury perfumes and has since expanded into original scents and home products. 


Dossier wanted to boost profits by using customer preferences to guide strategy

Because Dossier’s first products were created to offer better value than conventional luxury perfumes, their prices were highly competitor-focused. The brand launched with three pricing tiers — $29, $39, and $49 — that were certainly lower than competitors, but they had never challenged or experimented with those price points any further. 

As Dossier kept growing, Elsa Levy, Chief Marketing Officer, felt it was time to be more intentional — not just with prices but with every element of the customer experience. She wanted to use rigorous, data-driven testing to grow profit from every site visit and sale. That called for a tool that would let Dossier optimize every detail of their site, from cart design to retail prices and shipping rates.

When she looked into experimentation tools, Elsa wanted a solution targeted enough to move the needle — too many testing platforms just offered as many tests as possible without focusing on how they affected profit. After discovering Intelligems, she immediately realized it was the standout option. 

"As we were growing, we felt it was time to A/B test our pricing and UX experience, and be more precise around what we show customers. We wanted to find the right price, from both the customer experience and profit point-of-view.” 


With Intelligems’ content and price testing, Dossier optimizes profits by researching customer preferences 

Intelligems’ dashboard now gives Elsa complete visibility into how every single test affects profit per visitor (PPV). She uses Intelligems to test everything: prices, shipping rates, and content. 

Elsa loves gathering insights to confirm or disprove her hypotheses, providing real customer data she can use to drive profit. Experimentation allows her to gather those insights in a low-risk way, without risking a possible negative impact on actual profits. 

  • Price tests: Revealed that Dossier's prices don't have much elasticity, and increasing prices isn’t a path to higher PPV

  • Shipping tests: Demonstrated that lower shipping rates boost PPV more than Dossier's existing practice of using higher rates to push shoppers toward a free shipping threshold 

  • Content tests: Created an immediate lift in conversions and profits by testing a redesign of Dossier’s shopping cart to highlight their membership plan

Intelligems’ experiments account for each SKU’s associated costs, like shipping. Now, Elsa can look beyond top-line revenue to see what’s really driving profits. For example, is higher PPV coming from more conversions or a larger AOV? 

To help ensure experiments will be replicable, Intelligems also indicates when results have reached a statistically significant level. "They recommend 90% statistical significance,” explains Elsa. “But even if I choose to launch at 70% or 80%, I’m making an informed decision." 

“Intelligems is a very precise, sophisticated way to understand profit per user. I can be confident that a successful test will drive that same profit sitewide.” 


Dossier increased profit per visitor 19% with a single Intelligems shipping test 

Since adopting Intelligems, Dossier has been gathering data on how their customers love to shop — and using it to shape every aspect of their customer journey. 

So far, that's led to incredible results:

  • 7.4% higher overall PPV

  • 19% higher PPV from a single shipping rate test

  • 4% higher PPV from a single content test 

As Dossier keeps using Intelligems, Elsa is excited to test out the new features that are continuously being launched. Now, she and her team are equipped to make business decisions that support PPV by grounding every choice in real customer data. 

“Intelligems is very much a strategic partner. Based on our feedback, they’ll roll out new features in as little as three weeks. When we have questions, they go above and beyond to help us choose tests based on our goals.”

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