How Fulton increased conversion rate by 220% with Intelligems

How Fulton increased conversion rate by 220% with Intelligems

How Fulton increased conversion rate by 220% with Intelligems

Fulton went from zero experimentation to optimizing every aspect of their ecomm site — and exploded conversions, profits, and revenue across the board.



increase in primary landing page revenue per visitor



increase in primary landing page conversion rate



increase in primary landing page profit per visitor


Co-founders Libie Motchan and Daniel Nelson started Fulton after looking for solutions to their foot and back pain. They realized most insoles on the market were ineffective and unsustainable, and knew they could do better.

Today, Fulton’s supportive, sustainable insoles are modernizing arch support and offering comfort from head to toe.


Fulton wanted to use real customer preferences to guide strategy 

When Fulton launched in 2020, their business strategy was centered on their competition. When deciding on Fulton’s pricing, co-founder Libie Motchan compared her products both to ordinary, over-the-counter foam insoles, and expensive, doctor-prescribed orthotics. She wanted to strike a balance, creating an effective product at a price customers would accept.  

“We actually decided on the price point first, then used it to guide our approach to materials, supply chain, and margins,” explains Libie. Because insoles aren’t thought of as a luxury purchase, this competition-focused strategy made sense. 

But as they grew, Fulton saw an opportunity to be more actively customer-focused — not just with pricing, but with their entire business model. Rather than making educated guesses, Libie wanted to learn about her customers’ actual preferences.

With experimentation, Libie and the team could learn how customers reacted to different prices, offers, and digital experiences. Then, they could be optimized for better profitability.

“If we’d had Intelligems when first starting out, we would have done price testing earlier. We may even have developed our supply chain differently.” 


With Intelligems, Fulton started split-testing every aspect of their site

That’s when Libie encountered Intelligems, which was focused on price testing at the time. Initially, price testing went well. But as Fulton used the platform, Intelligems kept adding features that made more experimentation possible — including content testing, which quickly opened up new ways for Fulton to optimize profit: 

  • A/B testing: Tested the ROI of e-commerce tools, like an embedded shoppable video player, so Libie could make data-driven decisions on which to keep using 

  • Campaign testing: Tested offers by driving audiences to pages with discounts auto-applied, eliminating coupon codes, and improving profit per visitor by 160%

  • Landing pages: Tested multiple LP styles to identify one hero format and keep iterating on it

For Fulton, learning what customers like — and what drives profit — has been surprising.

For example, Fulton has historically used polished content on their homepage, reserving raw, UGC-style images for ads. With A/B testing, Libie decided to flip that script. Fulton tested the lo-fi content on their home page, even though the images didn’t line up with its more refined aesthetic. 

Customers loved it. “That was one of the most impactful tests we've done — it improved profit per visitor by 40%,” shares Libie. ”We were left wondering where else we could incorporate this type of content that we hadn’t considered before.”

“Intelligems always pushes me to test my assumptions. I’ve been surprised so many times at what our customers love.”


By making experimentation part of their business model, Fulton keeps customers at the center of every decision

When Fulton partnered with Intelligems, both companies were in their early stages. Now, both their capabilities have evolved together. Today, Fulton considers Intelligems an essential tool for optimizing profit.

  • 245% increase in primary landing page revenue per visitor 

  • 220% increase in average landing page conversion rate

  • 255% increase in primary landing page profit per visitor

Moving forward, Libie’s excited for Intelligems to keep rolling out new features. “What’s amazing about Intelligems is that they’re always one step ahead of me,” she says. “They’re going to keep building tools to solve problems I’m not even aware of.” 

“Intelligems has grown so much since we started working with them. They've done a lot to develop products and functionality that are aligned with modern consumer brands.”