How Mott & Bow boosted incremental profit 30% with Intelligems

How Mott & Bow boosted incremental profit 30% with Intelligems

How Mott & Bow boosted incremental profit 30% with Intelligems

By running more tests with Intelligems, Mott & Bow saves time and unlocks a new level of data-driven decision-making.











Mott & Bow is a premium clothing brand delivering elevated basics at a grounded price. The company is well-known for its jeans, which Insider has called “the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever wear.” Every pair is produced in Mott & Bow’s family-owned, vertically integrated factory.


Mott & Bow wanted to simplify their tech stack and optimize their entire site for growth

In late 2022, Mott & Bow was heading into a period of hypergrowth. Jazmin Silvas, Growth Marketing Manager, wanted to make the most of it.

Every component of Mott & Bow’s site, from prices to product photos, needed to drive profit. Jazmin had ambitions of experimenting broadly with their content to create custom journeys for different audience segments.

But that goal had proven tricky to realize as Mott & Bow’s experimentation tech stack was fragmented across multiple software tools. Jazmin already used Intelligems for price testing, but she was constantly switching between Google Optimize and Convert for content testing, too. That led to a lot of wasted time transitioning between tools and made it tricky to analyze data from all her experiments together.

The sunsetting of Google Optimize gave Jazmin the push she needed to seek out a more efficient way to work. She decided to explore Intelligems’ content testing and see if it could replace her other tools as an all-in-one testing platform.

“As I got to know Intelligems, I realized it offered not just price tests but themes, onsite edits, and whole campaigns. These things are essential to me for analysis and decision-making.”


With comprehensive testing and profit-first analytics, Intelligems was the experimentation platform Mott & Bow needed

Intelligems’ price testing is a mainstay for Jazmin. She loves using the tool to test every aspect of Mott & Bow’s pricing, such as how much discounts should be adjusted with seasonal changes. But now she uses Intelligems for campaign, theme, and content testing, too.

With Intelligems, Jazmin can easily experiment with different customer journeys to optimize content for profits. Now, she’s creating custom flows for different product collections and audience cohorts. For example, she’s created custom flows for Mott & Bow’s men’s and women’s denim lines.

“For each category, we optimized an entire funnel,” she explains. Using Intelligems, she split-tests discounts, shipping rates, landing pages, product pages, and more with the appropriate customer segments. That way, she can customize them to each audience’s unique preferences.

Based on internal research, Mott & Bow also identified opportunities to improve the customer experience on each collection’s page. Then, their designer and developer created templates based on those findings. With Intelligems, all they needed to do was save them as drafts within Shopify and start running A/B tests to understand how each affected conversion rate.

Plus, Intelligems gives her full visibility into how much profit each customized funnel generates. “Say we received 100 orders for men’s Chinos,” she explains. “With Intelligems, I can break down how many of those orders were 1-, 2-, or 3-packs. With other tools, we don’t have that transparency because they’re not connected to Shopify.”

She can also easily upload the overhead costs associated with each product, like shipping costs. That makes it much easier to improve margins and profit-per-visitor, Mott & Bow’s main KPIs.

“We’re using Intelligems to test pricing, shipping, themes, and more. Every single one has been very straightforward and easy for our developer to set up.”


Mott & Bow uses Intelligems to reach crucial profit-per-visitor and margin KPIs

For Mott & Bow, Intelligems has become an end-to-end tool for profit optimization. By consolidating more tests into one platform, Jazmin saves her team time and headaches. Plus, Intelligems’ robust analytics are showing her exactly how every test affects profit.

  • 5% increase in average profit per visitor

  • 30% higher incremental profit on men’s chinos

  • 50% faster experimentation time

Moving forward, Jazmin is excited for Intelligems to keep adding new features so she can continue optimizing profit in even more data-driven ways.

“As Intelligems keeps adding features, I’m excited to test more with the platform. But what I like most is the data — seeing everything that’s happening with orders, items, and revenue. To me, that’s gold.”

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