How MoonBrew turned 2x more first-time buyers into monthly subscribers with Intelligems

How MoonBrew turned 2x more first-time buyers into monthly subscribers with Intelligems

How MoonBrew turned 2x more first-time buyers into monthly subscribers with Intelligems

MoonBrew boosted margins and AOV with Intelligems, discovering offers and product variants that delight their health-conscious customers.











MoonBrew's magnesium sleep aid helps customers get their best rest by harnessing the power of magnesium and 14 superfoods. Co-founders Allan Shen and Andrew Case launched the brand in 2022 with its namesake product. A year later, they expanded their product line, introducing limited edition flavors like hot cocoa and extra-strength versions of their popular magnesium sleep aid.


MoonBrew needed hard data to keep its growing catalog customer-centric

Today, MoonBrew’s hero product is available in multiple variants: flavor, strength, value-pack size, and varying subscription plans. But before the brand could launch these new product offerings, Andrew needed to gather data on how the new products would impact shopper behavior. For instance: 

  • Would a new flavor of MoonBrew resonate better with subscribers? 

  • Could extra-strength MoonBrew drive more revenue than the original? 

“We weren’t sure if giving people more options would boost sales or create decision fatigue,” Andrew says. To find out, he used Google Optimize to test new variants against MoonBrew’s original SKU to see how they affected AOV and revenue per visitor. 

When Google Optimize sunsetted in September 2023, MoonBrew had only done limited A/B testing. But that was enough to know MoonBrew needed a Google Optimize replacement as soon as possible — one that could run more nuanced tests. 

Andrew considered VWO and Optimizely but found both too complex for MoonBrew’s needs as a Shopify-centric startup. Ultimately, he chose Intelligems because it was powerful yet more affordable and intuitive than other tools. 

“Other testing tools were too expensive and overwhelming for our team. Intelligems isn’t just more accessible; it has more functionality than Google Optimize did. That’s been indispensable as we’re growing quickly.” 


Intelligems helped MoonBrew discover which product variants and offers their customers love

Now, MoonBrew is constantly running multiple experiments in Intelligems, testing the teams’ hypotheses for maximizing revenue and AOV.

Andrew has found Intelligems particularly valuable during rollouts of new product offerings, like MoonBrew bundles. With the profit optimization tool, he can easily segment all A/B test results by SKU — exploring how strength, flavor, or value-pack size affect margins and revenue. 

Intelligems' testing options also enable Andrew to segment test results into cohorts for subscribers and one-time buyers so he can dive deeper into the data. Subscribers represent a much higher LTV, so it was crucial to understand their shopping preferences and motivators. 

As MoonBrew learned how customers would react to its broader catalog, Andrew started experimenting with other ways to drive revenue and incentivize larger orders. In one test, he explored whether shoppers preferred a rechargeable frother or a reusable bottle as a gift with purchase. 

Even these highly customized tests are easy to set up and run in Intelligems. That gives MoonBrew the data needed to iterate quickly and increase top-line revenue. 

“It’s complex when you're analyzing these different subsets of data — all our SKUs have different gross margin profiles and LTVs. So, it’s really nice to analyze different product groups and measure subscription rate within Intelligems.” 


By tailoring variants to customer preferences, MoonBrew boosted AOV by 15%

Today, MoonBrew’s team is empowered to make data-driven decisions that support their goals. For example, one test revealed that offering an extra-strength MoonBrew variant massively boosted AOV, so Andrew and the team added more extra-strength options. 

Since adopting Intelligems, MoonBrew has seen: 

  • 200% more subscriptions from new customers in 3 months

  • 15% higher AOV in 6 months 

  • 10% higher overall profit margin 

“When you have a successful test, it means you’re giving the customer more of what they want,” says Andrew. "The tests build upon each other. It’s a better experience for customers and a win for our business.” As MoonBrew keeps using Intelligems, Andrew believes that will help them boost retention as well as revenue.

“Compared to other platforms, Intelligems makes it so easy to see how impactful your actions are. We've run a lot of great tests that have had a material impact on our company's success.”

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